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Chapter 709 He Seems to Be Looking for Someone

  • As the news about Madam Li wanting to acknowledge Xia Micheng as her granddaughter had previously stirred up the whole Beijing, Li Yuntong was actually mocking Xia Micheng when she specially emphasized that she was the only granddaughter of the Li Family. The young ladies chimed in after getting Li Yuntong’s hint.
  • “I wonder what kind of spell Xia Micheng has cast on Madam Li. Hasn’t she taken a look in the mirror at herself before getting the idea to become the Li Family’s granddaughter? How can rags become riches?”
  • “Madam Li was only captivated by her during that period of time. She must have forgotten about Xia Micheng now because Yuntong is whom she loves the most.”
  • Li Yuntong was satisfied with their flatteries. However, this was just a warmup; she would continue insulting Xia Micheng when she was here. Li Yuntong took a look at the time. Lu Yuzhen will arrive soon, right?
  • “Yuntong, are you looking for Chairman Lu?”
  • “Why isn’t Chairman Lu here yet?”
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