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Chapter 708 The Family Feast at the Li Residence

  • “I’ll go then.” Lu Yuzhen suddenly cut her short and gave her a definite reply.
  • What? Li Yuntong was startled. Did he just agree to go? It seems my coy acting is indeed useful. Li Yuntong immediately smiled and planned to talk more. “Yuzhen, I knew that you’re fond of me, I…”
  • Before Li Yuntong could even finish speaking, Lu Yuzhen had hung up on her. Only a busy tone could be heard from the other side of the phone now.
  • Li Yuntong’s excited smile froze on her face and she was rendered speechless.
  • It was Madam Li’s eightieth birthday on this day at the Li Residence. The whole place had been beautifully decorated and everyone from Beijing's upper social circle was here to celebrate her birthday.
  • Li Yuntong had donned the navy-blue starry slip dress and was surrounded by a group of young ladies upon showing up. The ladies looked at her starry gown in wonder and some were even unable to restrain themselves from touching it.
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