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Chapter 705 My Identity Was Almost Exposed

  • The cab sped steadily on the road. After half an hour, it reached the destination. The car was parked at the side of Lane No. 4 of Gaoxin Road.
  • Song Xiao got out of the car after paying his cab fee. Then, he walked into the deserted lane. Xia Micheng, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, raised her head slowly. She looked through the windscreen in front and saw a man in black waiting in the lane. Song Xiao walked toward the man and whispered something to him secretly.
  • Xia Micheng’s bright eyes glowed with excitement. The man in black is not Su Ju, so is he Su Ju’s trusted henchman?
  • She was right. Song Xiao was the unpredictable variable at the media conference. She could see that Song Xiao really loved Fan Qi, but Su Ju managed to persuade Song Xiao to step forward and expose Fan Qi’s schemes. This proved that Su Ju was a smart and scheming man who knew what people think and was very good at manipulating people.
  • Su Ju even knew of a secret scandal like Fan Qi having a crush on Old Master Ye. Exactly just what kind of mysterious influence does he have?
  • Xia Micheng’s alertness and fear for Su Ju increased. Since the beginning of time, the human heart had been the most unpredictable thing that could change within a split second. It was rather scary that Su Ju could actually manipulate people at his will.
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