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Chapter 701 I Had Plastic Surgery!

  • The sudden appearance of Song Xiao surprised Ye Zi and Li Yuntong. In fact, they were the ones who arranged the media conference on purpose. Now, the sudden appearance of a person from out of nowhere meant there could be unknown and unpredictable changes in their plan. Xia Micheng already managed to narrowly turn things around just now. So, the sudden appearance of Song Xiao now would not help the situation at all.
  • Ye Zi said immediately, “Song Xiao, it’s good that you’re here. Fan Qi lost her child and the perpetrator is Xia Micheng!”
  • Fan Qi ran to Song Xiao’s side immediately after receiving a signal from Ye Zi. She grabbed his arm and begged, “Song Xiao, I had a miscarriage. Now, my stomach hurts very much. Just take me away from here, will you?”
  • Song Xiao looked at Fan Qi coldly before he pushed her away directly. “Fan Qi, you really don’t know how you lost your baby?”
  • Fan Qi froze in surprise. No, he shouldn’t know about this.
  • At that moment, the reporters continued to bombard Song Xiao with a dozen questions. “Fan Qi said she had a miscarriage because Xia Micheng drugged her with abortion pills. Do you think it was because of something else?”
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