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Chapter 694 Why Is It You Again?

  • Lu Yuzhen looked straight into Xia Micheng’s eyes with his deep, black eyes. “Stop pushing your luck. Isn’t that what you want? I simply granted your wish, that’s all.”
  • W-What?
  • Lu Yuzhen stared at her, who looked both astounded and muddled like an innocent little white rabbit; she looked so utterly pure and innocent.
  • “You keep denying your guilt and shirking your responsibility on the excuse that you suspect that I’m lying. Didn’t you make that excuse because you wanted to verify it yourself?”
  • Xia Micheng was speechless. She immediately denied his accusations since that wasn’t her intention at all!
  • “I have let you test my body, and I was unresponsive just now. Xia Micheng, do you know how important this matter is? You ruined my sex life. Yuntong has been at odds with me because of that, and she even threatened to break off our engagement. Therefore, you must take responsibility by treating me.”
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