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Chapter 691 Xia Micheng, You Are Heartless!

  • Fan Qi had a miscarriage?
  • Xia Micheng stood by the door while staring at Li Yuntong. “Little did I expect you guys to be so cruel as to cause a miscarriage for your show. I gather that you guys are going to find the abortion pills at my place here next. In that case, let’s not waste time anymore; hurry up and take it out to convict me of my so-called crime.”
  • The corners of Li Yuntong’s mouth twitched. She was ready to give Xia Micheng a good scare since she would be satisfied enough to see Xia Micheng’s panicked look. But who would have known that Xia Micheng had accurately predicted what would happen next and even told them to hurry up with their show?
  • It was then that the staff produced a packet of abortion pills from the drawer. “We found it! We found the abortion pills! As expected, Xia Micheng is the culprit!”
  • Everyone’s eyes were instantly on Xia Micheng as they began discussing her.
  • Ye Zi then took the packet of abortion pills away, saying, “Xia Micheng, now that the conclusive proof is here, you can no longer deny your guilt. You set Fan Qi up and dragged Old Master Ye into trouble over a personal grudge in the first place. Now that Fan Qi is pregnant and your evil plot has come to light, so you thought up such a vicious trick and caused Fan Qi to have a miscarriage using these abortion pills!”
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