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Chapter 689 The War Has Begun

  • Fan Qi’s interview was broadcast soon after that, and Xia Micheng watched it till the end in her office at Radio Station D.
  • Fan Qi complained tearfully to the camera, “There is nothing sexual or amoral between Old Master Ye and I. I merely admire him as an elder, and I believe that he is an idol to many people. I don’t have any romantic feelings for him since I have a boyfriend myself. Besides, I’m pregnant.” Then, she produced the medical certificate that she had gotten from the hospital, which showed that she was indeed pregnant. The evidence was absolutely impactful since it lent a great deal of credence to her story.
  • The reporter then asked, “So that’s the truth behind the incident. In that case, what about the speech you made during your audition at Radio Station A? The entire nation has heard it.”
  • Fan Qi wiped her tears. “I was set up; the person who set me up was Xia Micheng. She jabbed me with an acupuncture needle when I was unprepared, making me out of my mind. That was why I did something about which even I myself have not a clue.”
  • “Why did Xia Micheng want to set you up?”
  • “Everyone knows that Xia Micheng and I used to be close friends at University A, but she had an accident on the day of the Academy of Sciences’ recruitment trials, whereas I was admitted to the Academy, so she has been bearing a grudge against me. Not only did she set me up this time to take revenge on me, but she also dragged Old Master Ye in, who is well-respected.”
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