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Chapter 677 The Perfect Couple

  • The key was at Ye Zi’s?
  • Xia Micheng had a hunch that her mom not only had a mentor-mentee relationship with Old Master Ye, but she probably also had an intricate relationship with his daughter Ye Zi as well.
  • She stood by the window and looked at the giant crimson door behind the radio station. I must head to Ye Zi’s place to look for the key right away.
  • “Xinang…” Xia Micheng turned around and looked at Lu Xinang.
  • But she froze in the next moment because Lu Xinang was already standing right behind her. As she turned around, her body was pushed against the wall by him. They were so close that their breaths were intertwined; the atmosphere felt rather romantic.
  • Lu Xinang’s handsome eyes looked at the pretty face in front of him. The corner of his lips turned up with a smile as he said, “Cheng, what do you want to tell me?”
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