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Chapter 676 The Key to the Forbidden Place

  • Xia Micheng was startled by their eager attitude as they snatched the rag in her hand and propped her on a chair. All she could do was raise her palm-sized stunning face and look at Lu Xinang. “W-What’s happening?” she asked in a small voice.
  • Lu Xinang removed the jacket of his suit, revealing the white shirt underneath. He was cold, elegant, and handsome in the white shirt. Looking at Xia Micheng, he asked, “You would not be mad at me for doing this without informing you first, will you?”
  • “What?”
  • He approached her as a gentle smile replaced his initial cold expression. “I have already announced our relationship, Micheng. I cannot wait to introduce you to everyone whom I know.”
  • She was stunned in that moment and she met his passionate eyes. “I—”
  • “You do not need to say anything,” Lu Xinang interrupted her. “Now, I will ask questions and you shall answer. You are X, am I right?”
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