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Chapter 67 The Maid Hit Me!

  • Xia Micheng lowered her petite body and finally sat on the soft carpet. She folded her knees and hugged them to herself. She kept reminding herself that she and Lu Yuzhen were nothing more than just partners cooperating with each other to achieve their own purposes. The main reason she came back this time was to take revenge on the Xia Family, and she did a pretty good job on that. She ruined the engagement party of Su Ju and Xia Erxiang. Next, she just needed to wait patiently for their counterattack. Once they retaliated and showed flaws in their plans, she could use that to her advantage and eliminate them once and for all.
  • But now, Xia Micheng could not keep her composure. All she could think about now was Lu Yuzhen.
  • Time passed quickly and it was quiet outside the room. Is he sleeping with Hua Rong now? If he is, then why is he still flirting with me?
  • Suddenly, the sadness in Xia Micheng disappeared without a trace as she was overwhelmed with rage. Indeed, before this, I had a peaceful life. Why did he have to tease me and mess with my emotions? I simply can’t let it go like that!
  • Xia Micheng thought that it was too pathetic and unfair for herself if she just let it go. After all, it was Lu Yuzhen who flirted with her in the first place. After he finished flirting with her, he brought a woman home and all she could do was to hide inside her bedroom? No! I must do something!
  • Xia Micheng stood up quickly. She opened the door and ran out of the bedroom. She banged on the door loudly when she reached the guest room. Bang! Bang!
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