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Chapter 669 Shrouded In Mystery

  • Xia Micheng could tell that Lu Zhengzhe truly loved his two sons. That was the reason that he could not tolerate her existence in Haicheng City. However, once he knew that she was Lin Hurou's daughter, he wanted to find Liu Yingluo through her. In the past, Lin Hurou and Liu Yingluo were the two great beauties who were famous in all of Beijing.
  • That was the reason he temporarily put down his concern for his sons and allowed for her to exist. That would have also meant that Liu Yingluo was more important to him than his two sons. It was the first time that Xia Micheng was acutely aware of how much he loved Liu Yingluo.
  • Many years had passed since the disappearance of Liu Yingluo. Her son, Lu Yuzhen, was 28 this year. Xia Micheng wondered how deep was a love that could resist the corrosive force of time to keep a regal man like Lu Zhengzhe at the same spot. He was probably guarding at the place they initially met.
  • But why did he hurt her if he loved her? When Liu Yingluo was pregnant with her second baby, she used a knife to cut her belly and took out her child. How tragic was that? Had she not been forced into a corner, she wouldn't have made the difficult decision to abandon her son, Lu Yuzhen, and leaped into the ocean without turning back.
  • Is Liu Yingluo still alive? Did her disappearance have something to do with my mom? If Liu Yingluo is still alive, why doesn't she come back for Lu Yuzhen?
  • If Lu Zhengzhe really loved Liu Yingluo, why did he marry Liu Zhaodi and had Lu Xinang with her? No woman could accept an affair in a marriage and a betrayal of one's body.
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