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Chapter 667 This Cruel Woman

  • However, she appeared in front of him over and over again. Every time, she drove him crazy and made him behave abnormally. He tried very hard to resist her temptations but failed.
  • After he overheard that she was the little girl that his mom originally matched him with, he felt that all the self-restraint over the days had crumbled.
  • He stared at her with bloodshot and menacing eyes, curling his lips into a mysterious smirk. "Why are you okay with Xu Shaonan and Lu Xinang but me? Why could you sleep with them but not me?"
  • Speechless, Xia Micheng's ravishing face was both blushed and pale after being humiliated by him. She raised her hand and wanted to give his devilish face another slap. However, she did not manage to slap him because he gripped her slim wrist in the air to stop her.
  • Lu Yuzhen looked at her darkly. "Xia Micheng, I don't know why you're acting in front of me. I can give you everything that Lu Xinang and Xu Shaonan can't. If you keep rejecting me, I have no choice but to suspect that you're really chasing after more, such as the title of Mrs. Lu and bearing my children. Don't be too greedy. A woman like you who tricks others and toys with the emotions of different men… You should be grateful that I'm willing to be your sugar daddy. Thanks to our childhood memories, I can overlook the fact that you're dirty. You don't have what it takes to be my Mrs. Lu and you're not qualified to be the mother of my children!"
  • Xia Micheng was already a distance away from him but he still ran to her out of the blue and stabbed her heart with his sharp words. His words stabbed her until blood was everywhere. She felt an enormous pain in her chest.
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