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Chapter 666 Regretful

  • Lu Yuzhen was triggered by her corruption. The prettier a woman is, the more sly she is. Xia Micheng was a good example of that—she was extremely deft at fooling men!
  • “Are you that little girl from the past? If your mom knows that you’ve turned into the woman you are now, she would be heartbroken.”
  • Xia Micheng finally understood why he had blocked her way. She was the little girl from the past. She was his little bride once!
  • Back in Haicheng City, he had told her about that little girl. After so many years, Lu Yuzhen still could not let go of that memory because the little girl was matched with him by his mother. That was the reason he remembered it until now.
  • Back then, Xia Micheng had been jealous a few times at the little girl from his past, not knowing that she was the girl in question.
  • She reached out her slender and pale hand and placed it beside his huge palm. Next, she grasped his slender index finger. She probably grabbed his finger in this manner back when she was a baby.
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