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Chapter 665 He Called Her a Sl*t

  • Of course Lu Yuzhen didn’t remember any of that, because Xia Micheng took away that part of his memory. That was why he could speak in such a righteous way. But what did he mean when he said sleeping with her was a slander? What was she in his eyes? A dirt?
  • Gosh, he really hates me! Then why would he keep pestering her if he hated her so much?
  • Staring at his arrogant-looking face, Xia Micheng ridiculed, “Take it as my nonsense. How could a woman like me sleep with you, the pure and innocent Chairman Lu?”
  • Lu Yuzhen frowned at the way she said ‘pure and innocent’. “It’s you who said that I had slept with you. But now you’re saying that you were spouting nonsense. How can a woman talk like this? Xia Micheng, do you have no shame?”
  • “It has nothing to do with you. Oh yeah, by the way, Chairman Lu, are you… still a virgin?”
  • Xia Micheng’s eyes sparkled as an idea came to her mind. Without the memory of himself sleeping with her, did Lu Yuzhen think that he was still a virgin?
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