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Chapter 652 The Old Mistress of the Li Family Has Come

  • Li Yuntong was as happy as a blooming flower. The bad mood she had from the argument with Xia Micheng yesterday at the clothing shop vanished into thin air. She couldn’t wait to see how embarrassed Xia Micheng would be. Sure enough, Xia Micheng didn’t disappoint her.
  • “Youxuan, you should be happy. I heard that Young Master Xinang is coming back to Beijing. I’m sure he will despise Xia Micheng when he learns that Xia Micheng has slept with other men and how embarrassed she is at the dinner party today. It’s easier for a woman to pursue a man than the other way around. Just work harder on it and he’ll be yours in no time.”
  • Ye Youxuan agreed with her view. “Yuntong, I don’t think someone as talented and intelligent as Lu Xinang would really fall for Xia Micheng. He’s just infatuated with her enchanting face. When he comes to his senses, he’ll realize that I’m the most suitable one for him!”
  • Li Yuntong nodded. “Youxuan, we’ll be family soon. The two brothers of the Lu Family are ours. Let’s live harmoniously together in the future.”
  • They imagined a bright and fulfilled future for themselves, where Li Yuntong would marry Lu Yuzhen and Ye Youxuan would marry Lu Xinang.
  • “Oh yeah, Yuntong. Where’s your grandma? Why don’t I see her here?” Ye Youxuan suddenly asked.
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