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Chapter 649 He Is Protecting Her

  • Lan Feng left upon finishing her words.
  • Lu Yuzhen froze on the spot. He knew that Lan Feng was talking about him. He was the one who was looking at Xia Micheng like a little pervert! No one had ever criticized him this way in his 28 years of life. Being a prodigy and a successful businessman, he was constantly surrounded by countless women, but now he was merely reduced to being a pervert.
  • As such, his expression turned bleak.
  • Meow... Meow… Fluffy was struggling in his arms, trying to break free from him and chase after Xia Micheng. Displeased, he stared at Fluffy and said solemnly, “Stay still. She doesn’t want you!”
  • Meow… Fluffy trembled in his arms upon receiving a reprimand. Its eyes seemed to be saying, Nonsense! It’s not me she doesn’t want! It’s you!
  • Lan Feng held Xia Micheng’s hand. “Micheng, let’s go to another shop.”
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