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Chapter 642 A Tail-Wagging Dog

  • Xia Micheng was back to the hospital where the doctor came to check on her. She could be discharged the next day. Even so, her mood was down and she went to sleep after eating some millet porridge. This time, she truly fell asleep.
  • Meanwhile, Xia Gu and Lan Feng sat together and discussed Xia Micheng’s marriage with solemn expressions.
  • Lan Feng commented, “Lu Yuzhen is a playboy. We cannot let Micheng wallow in her sadness. One of the best known ways to forget an ex is to start a new relationship. We really have to help Micheng to organize a huge event to choose her husband!”
  • Xia Gu replied, “But with Micheng’s personality, she would not agree to that.”
  • Lan Feng immediately shot back, “Are you stupid? It’s your fiftieth birthday in two days. Let’s send out a notice in the form of invitation cards to gather all the suitors. It would seem like a birthday party but is actually an event for husband-selection.”
  • Xia Gu was confused. “Feng, it’s not my birthday two days later.”
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