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Chapter 629 Never Lost In A Fight

  • Xia Micheng and Lu Yuzhen looked at each other; their eyes met.
  • Xia Micheng was wearing a patient gown. The loose blue and white striped gown made her look tiny. Her pure black hair fell freely over her shoulders, revealing her stunning face which was almost as small as her palm. She had a small bandage on her forehead over her wound. She looked weaker than before, making others feel sorry for her.
  • Her bright and deep gaze fell on his handsome face. Her glowing eyes were like clear, bottomless pools of water, drowning anyone who set their eyes on her.
  • Lu Yuzhen halted and stood still on the spot.
  • Noticing his unusual behavior, Li Yuntong followed his sight and looked to the end of the corridor, and she saw Xia Micheng.
  • Li Yuntong frowned in disgust. Initially, she was looking forward to seeing how Xia Micheng would be tortured by those men who abducted her. She didn’t expect Lu Yuzhen would rush over to save Xia Micheng.
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