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Chapter 621 Xia Micheng Fell Into the Hands of Several Guys

  • “Let’s talk to Old Master Ye first. This is a special condition. We need to buy Micheng some time.”
  • “OK!”
  • The students of University A found Old Master Ye. “Old Master Ye, we do not know where Xia Micheng went. She is from our university. We think that she has some emergency, but she will be back soon. Xia Micheng is the top student for the joint exam this time with a 750 perfect score. Can you shift Xia Micheng’s turn to the back so that she has some time to come here?”
  • Old Master Ye looked at the students and lectured them in a cold manner. “Stop causing a scene here! Today is the selection process for the Academy of Sciences. Everybody should know about this. What kind of emergency does she have such that she needs to go and do it at the moment? It seems to me that she does not attach any importance to this selection process at all. Moreover, it shows that she is disrespecting us!”
  • University T and University A had been at odds with each other a long time ago. With Xia Micheng’s sudden disappearance, they immediately tried to make the situation worse. After all, there were only three positions up for grabs this time. Without a powerful competitor like Xia Micheng, their chances of securing the spot got higher.
  • “The students of University A are really insensible this time. This is a once in a year selection process for the Academy of Sciences. We have been waiting for this day for a long time. Do we have to break the rules just for Xia Micheng?”
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