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Chapter 614 His Dreams Were Filled With Her

  • Lu Zhengzhe had lived most of his life in a calm, wise and decisive manner, just like a mighty emperor. However, he kept hesitating when it came to Lu Yuzhen and Xia Micheng’s problem.
  • He did not know what was wrong with him. Perhaps… he was envious of them.
  • After Lu Zhengzhe left, Mrs. Wu brought in the first aid kit. Then, she cautiously dressed Lu Yuzhen’s wounds. Lu Yuzhen cooperated with her. After all, he did not wish to cause his grandmother a scare.
  • After he returned to his room, he did not head to the showers immediately; instead, he stood next to the French windows with his long legs and a lit cigarette between his two slender fingers. He kept puffing on his cigarette in the hopes that he could numb himself with it, trying to get rid of the image of that palm-sized face from his mind.
  • Soon, he finished a pack of cigarettes. Following that, he went to the washroom to have a cold shower before he climbed into bed to sleep.
  • He fell asleep soon after. After his return to Beijing, he always had a good sleep.
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