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Chapter 609 Stop Fighting!

  • Xu Shaonan was already extremely displeased with him. Now, with Lu Yuzhen’s provocation, he released Xia Micheng and strode forward. Following that, he punched Lu Yuzhen’s handsome face with his powerful fist.
  • Lu Yuzhen did not even bother to dodge the blow. The moment Xu Shaonan’s fist made contact, his fist also made contact with Xu Shaonan’s handsome face as well.
  • Both of them started scuffling with each other.
  • “Ah!”
  • Nobody knew who cried out in a shrill voice, but in that instant, the scene spiralled out of control. The Young Master of the Lu Family and the Young Master of the Xu Family started to fight with each other in the Imperial Bar. Everybody was so frightened that they fled the scene. Both of them were big shots that nobody wanted to offend as they were afraid of getting into trouble.
  • The smile on Li Yuntong’s face vanished as she stood rooted to her original spot with a pale countenance; she had never seen Lu Yuzhen in a fight before.
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