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Chapter 602 University A Has Entered the Top Five

  • Someone tucked at Mr. Zhou. “Zhou, are you joining?”
  • Mr. Zhou had been under the weather recently. However, looking at the marks his students had achieved in the joint exam, he became confident again and gave Mr. Wu a disdainful look. “Wu, exams are not your students’ strength, so I suggest that you should stop humiliating yourself. But since you don’t mind being humiliated, I’ll join the bet.”
  • “Okay!” Mr. Wu’s eyes sparkled. “If you win, I’ll call you Master every time I meet you and I’ll even serve you tea. However, if I win, haha, you’ll have to call me Master every time you meet me and you’ll serve me tea!”
  • Mr. Zhou was confident, because two conditions had to be met if Mr. Wu wanted to win the bet. Firstly, Xia Micheng would have to defeat Li Yuntong. Secondly, for University A to become the top five, it was akin to going to the moon. It was nothing more than a pipe dream of Mr. Wu.
  • “Okay, it’s decided then!” Mr. Zhou agreed.
  • Everyone was pretty excited because this time was a little different. It was a big bet, and they all had participated in it. “We’ll look at the general ranking first. Let’s see if University A has entered the top five.”
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