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Chapter 588 He Bought Her for 13 Billion

  • Upon seeing Xia Micheng’s reaction, the men were excited. Their primitive desire to conquer had been activated. They weren’t expecting the out-of-the-world beauty to be an innocent and weak bunny. The thought of bringing her home and grooming her felt interesting.
  • “If none of you are bidding, I will do so. I say this beauty is a pleasant surprise. Look at her figure; she looks so soft as if she has no bones and could be easily pounced on.”
  • “Not only that, she looks so naive. You can bully her in any way you like. Haha!”
  • Lu Yuzhen heard different discussions among the men around him, causing him to squint his deep eyes. He did not know what Xia Micheng was up to, but she was definitely no innocent and weak bunny. She knew how to bite; the tiny bite mark on his finger now was from her.
  • Xu Shaonan felt interested too. Just now, when Miss Ugly was wearing a kitten mask, she easily overcame the challenge of the rich guy. Who was she trying to fool by acting innocent? He found a place to sit and sip on his tea while watching the show.
  • “I’ll offer 100 million!”
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