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Chapter 587 Hot-blooded

  • Xia Micheng was dressed in a long nude color chiffon dress, her complexion as pure as milk and her limbs soft as if she was boneless. Her aura was like a baby tiger lily that emanated a clear glow. Her appearance onstage had outshone everything else on Earth.
  • The crowd was in a daze. What a beauty!
  • Lu Yuzhen’s deep gaze fell on her, his eyes giving away the fact that he was stunned. It was suddenly clear to him why he would act abnormal and be attracted to her. After all, he was only a mortal who loved pretty women. The prettier they were, the more he was pleased.
  • Xu Shaonan went through the crowd and walked to the front, staring at Xia Micheng at this moment. F*ck, is this my Miss Ugly?
  • In Haicheng City, Xia Micheng had always worn a veil. Now that she had taken off the veil, she exuded a more pristine and stunning aura. As such, he dared not approach her now.
  • The owner of the private winery was stunned at the sight of Xia Micheng too. No, she was not the beauty he prepared to auction! The other beauty was sensuous, like a blooming red rose that was waiting to be plucked. On the other hand, the beauty in the casket now was breathtakingly innocent like a fairy. The two different types of beauties were one of their kind.
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