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Chapter 574 Pulling up in Front of the School

  • In fact, Chancellor Wu had long arrived and seen everything that just happened with his own eyes. Seeing Xia Micheng and the rest of the high spirited students put a complacent smile on his face. That’s right! That’s what I call, youth!
  • It was perhaps the happiest day Chancellor Wu had ever had. He clasped his hands behind his back and strolled around the school, where he noticed some surprising changes since that incident along the way. Students who used to doze off in class were now sitting up straight while paying attention to their teachers. Although there were still many of them swearing and complaining about their struggles to catch up with their lessons, they never laid down their pens. Instead, they would borrow and copy the notes from their classmates.
  • Nevertheless, he doubted there would be a miracle, although it was like they said, every little bit helped. After all, he didn’t think those who had frequently failed their exams in the past could improve their grades by leaps and bounds all of a sudden.
  • After taking a walk around the school, Chancellor Wu decided to return to his office. He then looked at himself in the mirror and saw some hair in his bald spot.
  • Oh gosh. I’ve grown some hair!
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