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Chapter 571 An Empty Heart

  • She was gone.
  • Mrs. Wu stood in place as she watched Xia Micheng leave with a heavy heart. “I can’t believe Micheng is leaving so soon, and here I thought she was going to stick around for a few more days. Now that she is gone, I can’t help but feel like something is missing deep down.” While saying that, Mrs. Wu’s eyes began to well up with tears.
  • Madam Lu was the saddest of all to see Xia Micheng leave, yet she didn’t persuade her to stay because she knew Xia Micheng would have listened to her if she had done that. Unfortunately, she no longer dared to speak her mind.
  • Xia Micheng had already died once for Lu Yuzhen. So, Madam Lu reckoned she shouldn’t be so selfish about burdening her with the Lu Family. Furthermore, she was no longer Mrs. Lu, whom the Lu Family treated as one of their own. Therefore, what obligation did she have to stay behind and contribute to the family? Perhaps no one could get in the way of this girl at the moment, for she should go somewhere else and rediscover herself.
  • Madam Lu then shifted her gaze to Lu Yuzhen, who was seated opposite her. “Zhen, please see her off. Since I’ve felt a lot better, please don’t forget to pay her. She wasn’t one of our own, so she didn’t have a duty to serve us for nothing.”
  • Lu Yuzhen remained silent for a few seconds before he stood up and headed outside.
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