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Chapter 562 Micheng, I Finally Found You!

  • Lu Yuzhen tossed and turned but he could not sleep. After a while, he flipped the blanket and came out of the bed. After changing his clothes, he left Xiyuan Estate by car with a phone in his hand.
  • In the bar, Xia Micheng had just left the luxurious VIP room. Since Mr. Wu was treating them today, everyone let loose and had a fun time. However, she realized that it was eight at night and that she should probably head home. She bid farewell to everyone in advance and walked out.
  • Before she left, Fan Qi ran up to her. “Micheng, you forgot your coat. It’s cold outside so put it on now.”
  • “Thanks, Qi.”
  • “Micheng, I am so happy today. All of us felt that we have been changing greatly since meeting you,” Fan Qi laughed and said innocently.
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