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Chapter 55 Getting Jealous Randomly

  • In the other presidential suite, Lu Yuzhen took a cold shower and changed into black-silk pajamas.
  • Gu Longfan poured a glass of red wine and passed it over to him. “Technically, Xia Micheng did not serve you tonight; how did she manage to reverse your gloominess to jubilance?”
  • Lu Yuzhen took a sip of the red wine and asked, “Is it obvious that I’m in a good mood?”
  • Gu Longfan leaned against the counter and sipped on a glass of red wine as well. “Yeah, the only thing you haven’t done is to tell people explicitly that you’re happy.”
  • Lu Yuzhen’s thin lips curved upward as he admitted that he was extremely overjoyed. Xia Micheng was jealous out of nowhere just because of a phone call; how could he not be happy?
  • At that moment, the doorbell rang and someone knocked on the door—it was Yan Yi.
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