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Chapter 548 Lu Yuzhen Is Jealous

  • Mr. Zhou snorted before he said, “Wu, let’s compete in the basketball match then.”
  • This was the first time Mr. Wu saw the arrogant Mr. Zhou with a deflated look. Because of that, Mr. Wu felt extremely happy and refreshed at the moment while looking at Lu Yuzhen, who was standing beside him. Mr. Wu already treated Lu Yuzhen as his close friend. “Zhou, you are lacking in foresight. Otherwise, you wouldn’t merely be the Vice Chancellor after working for so many years. Speaking of foresight, I still think that Chairman Lu has a unique foresight since he believed that our university can win, unlike certain people who merely know how to curry favor.”
  • The deans and directors of the other universities who had curry favor with Mr. Zhou were ticked off by Mr. Wu’s words. They started to tremble out of anger. University A’s cheerleading squad managed to become famous with a single dance, but that was it! Mr. Wu was really arrogant for putting on such airs after a small victory!
  • Lu Yuzhen’s unfathomable gaze was still centered upon Xia Micheng’s figure. There were numerous guys around her, most of whom were asking for her contact number. She kept rejecting them, yet waves upon waves of requests kept pouring in. It was never ending.
  • She was standing with the students from University A. All of them were cheering on the basketball team of University A for their match. During the halftime break, one of the players exited the field. Xia Micheng immediately handed a bottle of water in her hand to a tall, handsome guy.
  • The guy was none other than the captain of the basketball team, Wang Cong. Wang Cong unscrewed the bottle cap and drank half of the water in the bottle. Then, he beamed at Xia Micheng, revealing a row of pearly white teeth.
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