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Chapter 542 The Chairman of Lu Group, Lu Yuzhen, Finally Arrived

  • Mr. Wu soon caught sight of the basketball team of University A entering the field under the leadership of Wang Cong. Many people were clapping their hands and screaming University A’s name.
  • Mr. Wu felt honored. He straightened his back and smiled in a dazzling manner.
  • However, in the next second, the screams for University A were drowned out by screams for University T as the players entered the field. As the top-tier university in Beijing, the players from University T gained the loudest screams from the crowd. Everybody even stood up to welcome University T!
  • On the other hand, University A was forgotten.
  • Mr. Zhou looked at Mr. Wu with a satisfied look on his face, as if to tell the latter that he would have to wait till his next life to beat him.
  • Mr. Wu was so pissed that his mouth almost looked crooked. He thought to himself, Fine, we will see about that!
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