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Chapter 536 Stop Flattering Yourself

  • Xia Micheng turned pale upon hearing his sharp words. Is this what I am in his eyes?
  • Lu Yuzhen was a vigilant man. There was never a lack of temptations around him. He interpreted all of the encounters with Xia Micheng as careful arrangements rather than coincidences.
  • He felt that Xia Micheng made an effort to seduce him, which made her no different than other women who had their eyes on him. Worse, she was more scheming and devious than any woman he had ever seen.
  • He really doesn’t love me anymore… Xia Micheng felt dejected, as if a needle had been jabbed into her heart. “I didn’t. Whether you believe me or not, it’s my last explanation. Now, let go of me and I’ll leave your room.”
  • Xia Micheng wanted to get up, but Lu Yuzhen clutched her wrists, rendering her immovable. “What is it now? You’re leaving after climbing on my bed and seducing me. Are you playing hard to get?”
  • Xia Micheng glowered at him. With a few strands of hair coiled around her fair neck, she looked especially alluring. “I was trying to seduce you, alright? But now, I don’t feel like doing it anymore. You happy?”
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