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Chapter 530 She Was Indeed the Best

  • Mrs.Wu was the one who made this nutritious meal. However, Li Yuntong was now asking for credit from Lu Yuzhen as if she was the one who made it herself.
  • Mrs. Wu could understand what Li Yuntong was thinking, so she didn’t say anything. To be honest, Li Yuntong is already quite nice. However, she is still no match for Young Mistress. Mrs. Wu thought of Xia Micheng again. If only Young Mistress is still alive...
  • Lu Yuzhen's gaze softened at that. Li Yuntong was a brilliant girl. She never swaggered to others, using her identity as the daughter-in-law to be of the Lu Family. She would even take the initiative to please him when he was around. Most of the men wouldn’t reject this type of girl.
  • “Let’s go upstairs to check on Grandma together.”
  • “Alright!” Li Yuntong was ecstatic.
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