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Chapter 517 Control Your Wife

  • Li Yuntong kept her cell phone. She did not know what was going through Lu Yuzhen’s mind at the moment. Was he actually interested in Xia Micheng or not? If he was interested, why did he refuse to come?
  • Li Yuntong thought about it from another perspective. A guy like Lu Yuzhen had definitely seen his fair share of women, which came in various shapes and sizes. He was constantly surrounded by temptations. Moreover, he wasn’t a shallow guy that would be bewitched by the beauty of a woman. Hence, she was pretty sure that he didn’t have any feelings toward Xia Micheng.
  • Li Yuntong never attached any importance to a young lady with that kind of family background. Xia Micheng just wasn’t worthy of being her opponent yet!
  • With that in mind, Li Yuntong felt more relaxed. However, she had to witness this interesting show in person. She was curious to know just how ugly Xia Micheng was when she removed her veil.
  • Lu Yuzhen was currently in the hospital. That was because Madam Lu fainted out of the blue, and she had to be sent to the hospital urgently.
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