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Chapter 516 Not Going There

  • Although Xia Micheng only entered University A yesterday, she managed to capture everyone’s hearts here with her elegance. Since University A finally had their own campus belle, they had to protect her like she was some form of treasure.
  • Xia Micheng was moved. Her classmates actually had their good points as well, although they tend to sleep in class. As for the comments in the forum, she did not take it to heart. It was evident that somebody had hired some paid posters to smudge her reputation and University A.
  • “Micheng, this is not good. I have something big to tell you! Sun Jin had mobilized most of the people in the upper-class circle to stop you at the entrance of University A this afternoon. He wants to remove your veil so that you will be humiliated in front of them.” Xia Micheng’s long lashes fluttered for a moment before she suddenly recalled Li Yuntong’s gaze, in which she looked like she was rejoicing in somebody’s misfortune. Could this be the reason why she was rejoicing? Moreover, Sun Jin wanted to bring a crowd to remove her veil? Well… In reality, she didn’t mind it at all.
  • The expressions of Fan Qi and the rest of the students changed as if they were on the verge of meeting an enemy. It was obvious they were brainwashed by the nasty comments on the internet. All of them thought that there was indeed a defect on Xia Micheng’s face.
  • “This is bad, Micheng! Why don’t you take a day off to avoid Sun Jin and his group?”
  • “That’s right, Micheng. You should avoid him for now. Did you suffer from a burn injury when you were young and left behind a scar on your face? Or were you born with a birthmark on your face? Well, it doesn’t matter. I know a good cosmetic surgeon. He can help you with your face.”
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