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Chapter 510 Meeting at Imperial Bar

  • Holding the wine glass, Lu Yuzhen sipped on the red wine elegantly. “I’m fine.”
  • “Now, rumors of a marriage alliance between the Lu Family and the Li Family has been going around the city. I notice that you’re quite close with Li Yuntong, the daughter of the Li Family—the wealthiest family in Beijing—recently. Do you really plan to marry her?”
  • Lu Yuzhen swirled the aromatic red wine in the glass before looking at Gu Longfan. “There’s a gash on my groin. Do you know anything about this?”
  • He couldn’t remember the incident; perhaps it happened in Haicheng City. Since Gu Longfan was his best friend since they were young, he might know something about the incident.
  • Gu Longfan, of course, knew about the incident, but he couldn’t tell Lu Yuzhen since it concerned Xia Micheng. He took a glance at Lu Yuzhen’s black trousers. “What’s the matter? It doesn’t have any response when you’re with Li Yuntong?” Lu Yuzhen straight away gave him a kick in the leg.
  • Unbothered by the additional footprint that appeared on his trousers, Gu Longfan smiled and teased, “It seems I’m right. Don’t worry about your body; there’s nothing wrong with you. Just try it with another woman instead.”
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