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Chapter 508 An Intense and Unreserved Passion

  • Sun Jin was speechless. He realized that he was being tricked by Xia Micheng. He actually admitted that their engagement was annulled himself.
  • “Young Master Sun, now we are even. You broke off our engagement once while I annulled it once. So, now, we are free to marry anyone again. All the people around here will be our witnesses,” Xia Micheng said while smiling.
  • At that moment, all students in University A nodded their heads in agreement. “Yeah, right, we are the witnesses. The campus belle of our University A, our fairy, is single again! Hail to the singles! All of us will have a shot at her in the future!”
  • “Young Master Sun, you go ahead and have fun on your own. I’ll leave first.” Xia Micheng straight away left without taking another glance at Sun Jin.
  • Staring after the girl’s beautiful petite figure, Sun Jin almost exploded in anger. This was the second time he had an argument with Xia Micheng and he was defeated again.
  • Meanwhile, Li Yuntong stared at Xia Micheng’s gorgeous petite figure. She noticed that both of them shared a somewhat similar charm of elegance. However, Xia Micheng looked more pristine and ethereal compared to her. Xia Micheng was slimmer and fairer than she was, so Li Yuntong would appear slightly less beautiful when directly compared to Xia Micheng.
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