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Chapter 504 The New Campus Belle

  • Just then, Chancellor Wu came in and slapped the table. “Quiet down, class.”
  • Since he was the university’s Chancellor, these students showed him some respect and quieted down. However, they bent over their desks and fell asleep.
  • Chancellor Wu was rendered speechless. He thought that he would go completely bald sooner or later due to the stress from which he was suffering since these brats were beyond control. “Class, a new student has joined Class 2 of Chinese Medicine today, and her name is Xia Micheng. Everyone, let’s give her a warm welcome.”
  • As soon as he finished his sentence, Xia Micheng came in through the door.
  • One of the students became the first to exclaim, “F*ck! Stop sleeping! Get up quickly! Our new classmate… is so pretty!”
  • “Don’t bother me! The prettiest female student is in University T; she is Li Yuntong, the campus belle of University T. Could the new classmate be even prettier than Li Yuntong?”
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