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Chapter 503 Found a Real Keeper

  • Chancellor Wu of University A was a man who was honest with his feelings, as well as one of the few intellectuals who liked Xia Gu. Vice Chancellor Zhou was late in handling the drug-rape case last time because he cared about the university’s reputation. Therefore, Chancellor Wu was glad to see Xia Gu kicking up a fuss at University T with his men.
  • However, Chancellor Wu had been a little down in the dumps these years. The studying atmosphere in University A was getting worse, causing the university to rank bottom among the medical universities in Beijing. He and Vice Chancellor Zhou were classmates back then. Currently, Vice Chancellor Zhou would always act smugly and conceitedly like an arrogant rooster in front of Chancellor Wu, humiliating the latter whenever they met at meetings. Because of that, Chancellor Wu had almost gone bald at merely over 40 years old.
  • Xia Gu laughed happily. “Chancellor Wu, you indeed have an eye for talents. Admit our Micheng to the university, and I guarantee you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised in the future.”
  • “Mr. Xia, I respect you deeply, so I naturally like your daughter very much as well. Anyway, the university’s regulations have to be followed. Since your daughter wants to attend University A, I still have to know your daughter’s academic results.”
  • Lu Zhengzhe had erased all traces of Xia Micheng in Haicheng City with the unimaginable power of capital when he took Lu Yuzhen to leave with him three months ago.
  • Back when Xia Micheng was 13 years old, she was recommended for admission to the first-class medical university, University T, which was the very same University T that had turned Xia Micheng, Xia Gu, and Lan Feng away a while ago. Her admission broke the record of the entire University T and set the latest record in the field of medicine.
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