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Chapter 501 Vice Chancellor Zhou

  • Lan Feng held her hand out to rub Xia Micheng’s head. “Li Yuntong is now the campus belle of University T only because they haven’t seen our Micheng. Once our Micheng shows her face, Li Yuntong will have to step aside, for the title of campus belle of University T will belong to none other than Micheng!”
  • Xia Gu also looked at Xia Micheng proudly like a father looking at his blossoming daughter. “That’s right. God knows how many times our Micheng is prettier than Li Yuntong.”
  • Seeing that they deviated from the subject again, Xia Micheng quickly hemmed and said, “Daddy Xia and Mommy Lan, let us hurry and get into University T.”
  • “Alright. Let’s go!”
  • The three of them got out of the car together and swaggered toward University T. At the sight of the trio, University T’s security guards were frightened. They screamed, “Oh no! Oh no! Xia Gu has come! Hurry up and shut the gate! Don’t let them in!”
  • The security guards immediately shut the gate and with trembling fingers, took the phone to call the Chancellor’s office directly. “Vice Chancellor Zhou, we’re in big trouble! Xia Gu, that monster, has come!”
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