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Chapter 495 My Body Was Wounded

  • Upon hearing the word ‘frigidity’, Lu Yuzhen put his hand down. Then, he slightly raised his handsome eyelids and gave Chong Wen a look.
  • Chong Wen felt chills running down his spine, but he straightened up his neck and said with a groveling smile, “Young Master, it wasn’t me who said that. It… It was Secretary Yan who said so!”
  • Yan Yi sneezed from a distance. He thought to himself, Which bastard has put the blame on me this time?
  • But Chong Wen did not say that out of no reason. Ever since Lu Yuzhen returned to Beijing, he had zero women by his side. Moreover, he was averse to ladies trying to get near him, with Li Yuntong being the only exception.
  • Lu Yuzhen withdrew his gaze indifferently. “Drive.”
  • “Yes, Young Master.”
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