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Chapter 492 Are You Actually Impotent?

  • Sun Jin held the phone and said defiantly, “Hello, you must be the Xia Family’s youngest daughter who has just been found, right? I’m Sun Jin, your fiancé. But you don’t need to have your hopes up about marrying me. I will definitely not marry an ugly woman like you. I already have a girlfriend and we’re doing some exercise now.”
  • Sun Jin cast a glance at Shanshan who was in his arms. Getting his message, Shanshan nodded and quickly moaned into the phone.
  • Sun Jin was also cooperative as he buried his head into Shanshan’s neck and said while breathing heavily, “Baby, you’re awesome…”
  • Anyone who had heard his words would definitely be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts.
  • The crowd was anticipating the Xia Family’s youngest daughter to become furious on the other end of the phone. They were just going to watch the fun since the Xia Family was known for their bad temper.
  • However, there was no response from the other end of the phone the whole time.
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