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Chapter 486 Xia Micheng Comes Back to Life

  • Dean Li Wenqing said, “I smelled a herb when the brocade box was opened, but I can’t really recognize what kind of herb it is. However, the smell has a calming effect. My master must have left something rare and invaluable to us. Micheng, how about you take this pill and see whether it can save you!”
  • Similar to Dean Li Wenqing, Xia Micheng could not figure out what kind of herb was in this pill. Perhaps, it was something so rare that it was not even recorded in historical medical records and might save her life.
  • “Miss Xia, hurry up and take this pill!” Auntie Zhao could not help but urge her.
  • Xia Micheng put the pill into her mouth.
  • Soon, Xia Micheng shut her eyes and went unconscious.
  • Auntie Zhao was shocked. “Miss Xia!”
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