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Chapter 481 You Were Joking, But I Took It Seriously

  • Xia Micheng froze in place as her bright eyes fell from the dark entrance of the cave to the handsome face of the man. He looked pretty terrifying; his narrowed eyes were jet black like ink, and there was a hint of danger lurking behind them. Moreover, the blood vessels in his eyes made him look like a ferocious beast.
  • He had a gun in hand, gripping it so tightly that his veins were visible.
  • “D-Do you know what you’re doing?! Put that gun away right now!”
  • Lu Yuzhen stared at her, his expression overcast. His lips twitched, syllables spilling hoarsely from his throat along with a hint of resolute cruelty. “I’m sorry, Cheng—I can’t let you leave.”
  • Xia Micheng said those cruel words because she wanted to get it over with quickly. However, she had forgotten that Lu Yuzhen could not be provoked. Although he had shown some improvement, his condition was actually continuing to worsen.
  • Lu Feifei had warned her before; when Lu Yuzhen was in this state, he was cruel to everyone, including himself. It would be very dangerous for her to stay beside him.
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