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Chapter 470 Sweet Moments (2)

  • Xia Micheng was very angry; she sprang upright on the bed in a flash, and her fists that dangled by her sides were now balled into shaking fists. Her eyes were burying daggers into his back; if looks could kill, Lu Yuzhen would be dead on the floor by now. She only had five days left—if she were to die and got to know that he had another woman, she would be turning in her grave!
  • She should have let him become a eunuch in the first place; if she couldn’t have him, no one else could!
  • Lu Yuzhen paid no attention to her and continued walking toward the bathroom.
  • Unable to bear this any longer, Xia Micheng leaped off the bed and ran past him. She then turned around and stretched both arms out to bar his way, preventing him from entering the bathroom.
  • Due to the large difference in height, she had to incline her head to meet his eyes. To make herself look more imposing, she lifted her chin a little and declared in a haughty tone, “This is my house and this is my bathroom! If you wish to do anything in there, you will need my permission! Right now, I forbid you from entering and taking a shower!”
  • As the beautiful woman with dark, glistening eyes tried her best to act intimidating and stare him down, Lu Yuzhen found this sight in front of him too hilarious and cute. He smirked as he reached down and swept her off her feet without giving her a chance to fight back.
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