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Chapter 467 Stop Messing Around

  • This was Xia Micheng’s second time washing his boxers for him.
  • After hanging the undergarments, she looked up and saw both of their undergarments together on the line. She felt that it was such a blessed moment, and she just stood there and simply smiled at herself.
  • Just as she was turning around with the plastic pail she was holding, she bumped into Lu Yuzhen, who had been standing there for quite some time. His tall and well-built body was now lazily leaning against the wall, and he looked at her gracefully. His eyes were as dazzling as lava.
  • Xia Micheng's snowy white earlobe began to blush. "Mr. Lu, this is very rude of you. Why did you not knock on the door before you enter a lady's room?"
  • Lu Yuzhen frowned handsomely, and his narrow eyes overflowed a flair of manhood. "Talk about manners? How is that not rude of you when you were smiling at yourself like a little girl while looking at my boxer?
  • Before this, Xia Micheng felt she would never be defeated when arguing with anyone. However, ever since she met this man, she usually did not win.
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