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Chapter 463 Will You Be With Me?

  • His big and sturdy stature stiffened. All he heard was her soft and sweet voice. “Let’s have our five-day honeymoon now.”
  • If Lu Yuzhen’s heart had been a still lake, it felt as though a feather had lightly touched the surface of it and started a ripple effect. Her hand was still in his grasp, and her skin was as soft as silk and as light as feather, like the champagne-colored nightgown he had hidden in his room. After a long while, he finally spoke, “Do you know something?” As he was naturally quick-witted, he had caught on to her unusual behavior.
  • She nodded. “Yes, I know everything that I need to know.”
  • His gaze broke off like splattered ink. Unpredictable windstorms began to let loose in his eyes as he gritted his teeth and growled, “Who told you? I’m going to find them!” He released her hand and walked off.
  • “Lu Yuzhen!” she called from behind him. “Fine, just go. Once you leave, you won’t ever see me again!”
  • He stopped walking and turned around. He was met with her reddened and tear-filled eyes as she was about to cry.
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