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Chapter 46 Xia Micheng Plays Cards

  • Just then, the greasy boss who grabbed Xia Micheng by the arm tried to take off her veil again. “Little beauty, now that the bets are placed, let us see what you really look like.”
  • “Wait a minute,” said Xia Micheng immediately.
  • The greasy boss paused. “What do you want to say, little beauty?”
  • “I’ve already said I’m not one of the hostesses here, but it’s alright if you want me to serve you drinks. Let me play a round of cards with you—if I win, let me go; if I lose, I’m all yours.”
  • She decided to play cards with them.
  • These bosses were always surrounded by lots of women, so they had seen all kinds of beauties; however, they had seldom come across a calm and quick-witted woman like Xia Micheng, who was bold enough to play tricks with them.
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