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Chapter 447 She Liked Crayfish

  • Not only did she look appealing to other people, she appealed to his taste as well. Lu Yuzhen continued to follow her.
  • Xia Micheng heard the guys whistling at her. However, she could no longer hear the whistling when she was cognizant of it, so she did not really take this matter to heart. She walked for some distance before she felt hungry. Different kinds of foods were sold along the street. Soon, a delicious aroma wafted into her nostrils from the distance, particularly the delectable smell of crayfish that was sold at one of the street stalls here.
  • She came to this place with Ye Yuan before, and her favorite food here was crayfish.
  • Xia Micheng really wanted to eat it, but since she was blind, it was hard for her to peel the crayfish. She thus decided not to eat it anymore.
  • She entered a noodle shop and called out in a sweet voice, “Sir, can you give me a bowl of egg fried noodles?”
  • The boss of the noodle shop was young; he had started his own business after graduation. His eyes gleamed when he saw a pretty young lady like Xia Micheng. After all, beautiful women were indeed pleasing to the eye.
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