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Chapter 442 Driving to Her Apartment

  • Lu Yuzhen came to the consulting room, where he was greeted by Professor Smith’s gentle smile. “President Lu, Madam Lu told me about your condition. Would you please lie on there and let me have a look?”
  • Lu Yuzhen walked to the bed and lay down.
  • Professor Smith came over and asked in a friendly tone, “Chairman Lu, do you want me to help pull down your pants, or would you do it yourself?”
  • Lu Yuzhen was speechless as his expression turned cold. A servant just attempted to remove his pants, and now a male professor would like to see him naked. He felt utterly awful.
  • “Chairman Lu, let me help you then.” Professor Smith reached out to remove Lu Yuzhen’s belt.
  • In that instant, Lu Yuzhen sat straight up and pursed his lips. Furious, he got out of the bed and stormed out of the room.
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