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Chapter 433 Take Her Away!

  • Li Qianhui approached the bed and saw Grandpa Xia lying there. She shot him a vengeful look. This old fart… How is he still alive after taking the poison?
  • She swiftly whipped out the syringe and inserted the needle into Grandpa Xia’s arm. It didn’t take long for her to realize that something was off. Grandpa’s arm was cold and stiff, like the body of a… dead man!
  • What was going on? Li Qianhui put her finger beneath Grandpa’s nose to find out that he was not breathing anymore. He was already dead! Oh no, she walked into a trap!
  • At that moment, the door was flung open and blinding white lights flashed into the dark room. A group of policemen in full uniform dashed forward and pinned her down. The syringe was also placed into a sealed bag. “Li Qianhui, you are a suspect in an intentional homicide. Now that we have firm evidence, we will take you away for interrogation!”
  • Li Qianhui’s eyes bulged, her expression looking scared and uneasy. She immediately launched a struggle. “Let go of me! It’s not me. I didn’t do it. It’s a misunderstanding.”
  • Just then, another two figures entered the ward. It was Xia Micheng and Xia Chunyang.
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